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Pegasus Certificate Final

Pegasus Agriculture is pleased to announce that our Hydroponic Investment Product is officially shariah compliant.

Pegasus Agriculture has been issued a certificate from the Shariah Supervisory Board (SSB).The SSB made its official

pronouncement after reviewing all of our contracts, literature, and associated processes. Mr. Mahmood Almas,

Chairman of Pegasus Agriculture, is “proud to be able to say that we adhere to these important Islamic principles.”


Our investment fund is based on the following Shariah concepts:

Investors purchase individual assets.
Investors mandate (tawkeel) Pegasus Agriculture’s Investment Fund to manage their assets in exchange of a fixed agency (wakalah) fee.
The investment fund will appoint an official shariah board to ensure every transaction is shariah compliant.
 All funds are approved by the fund manager, shariah advisor, and board of directors upon inspection and verification of all purchased assets. 


Pegasus Shariah Compliane Certificate Arabic

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