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Benefits to Livestock:

Fresh Animal fodder improves digestion and absorption using less energy in doing so. This enables the animal to use the energy for such activities as milk production, reproduction, weight gain and efficient waste management. Grains are high in phytates that inhibit mineral absorption and important enzymes such as trypsin meaning that the pancreas has to work harder. Hydroponic barley grass on the other hand is packed with minerals and enzymes that improve absorption. Hydroponic sprouting barley eliminates enzyme inhibitors which in turn helps digestion of other feed, putting less stress on the whole digestive system.


Contains 23 times more Vitamin A than carrots
Contains 22 times more Vitamin B than lettuce
Contains 14 times more Vitamin C than citrus
Improves milk yield
Reduces illness
Increases weight gain


Investment in Animal Fodder Highlights:

48 Harvest per year
35,000 USD per rack
ROI 12-15%
Paid quarterly
Selling Price is $220 per tonne


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