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Pegasus Agriculture treats every person we work with fairly, equally, and honestly, whether they are investors, shareholders, corporate buyers, local distributors, or our own employees. All buyers looking to get involved in helping the GCC provide food security for its people, while also receiving a high return on their investment, can do so with confidence.



Food is one of the most crucial resources in the world. Without it, we could not survive. It will always be one of our most basic necessities. With the current global food shortages, coupled with a growing population, investments in food and agriculture will undoubtedly perform. Investing in hydroponics allows you to gain exposure in an industry where the yields are high, far more so than in traditional agriculture, using the same amount of landmass.

Investing in hydroponics will give you:

Diversification from traditional asset classes
Returns correlated to one of the biggest industries in the world
Returns based on huge demand globally
An investment in tangibles
Owning of a physical asset

Pegasus Agriculture will assist you every step of the way and ensure that your plot is optimized for both maximum output and returns.

For more information, speak to the Pegasus Agriculture buyers relations team



Pegasus Agriculture is always looking for land assets in the GCC region to continue our expansion and increase our portfolio of projects. Farmers and landowners can benefit greatly from transforming their land to a hydroponic farm.

Benefits of hydroponic farming:

1,000% greater yields, using the same amount of land as a traditional farm
Uses less water than traditional farming methods
Requires no fertilizers
Eliminates potential diseases
Requires no pesticides
Hydroponic produce has a 300% quicker growing cycle 
Hydroponic produce has 30% more nutrients than traditional crops
Hydroponic produce can be distributed locally

Hydroponic farming is incredibly diverse and can grow virtually all crops that traditional farming methods can grow, including:

Butter Lettuce
Bell Pepper
Cherry Tomato

Financial Assistance

Thanks to the GCC’s commitment to secure a future of food production in the region, several financial schemes are available to help cover the costs of converting traditional plots and unused land to hydroponic farms.

These include:

Government backed loans
Private loans
Joint ventures



Across the world, overall buyer confidence is low. Traditional investment opportunities, which were once attractive, no longer offer the same level of security. While stock markets crash and property prices fall, many corporate buyers are turning to commodities as a more secure form of investment, and food is becoming increasingly popular. The global price of food continues to rise, as populations grow, making food one of the most stable and secure investments around.

For corporate buyers, like banks, fund managers, and wealth managers, investing in hydroponic farming comes with several distinct advantages. Not only are food prices set to rise, but hydroponic produce is also not susceptible to the same kinds of fluctuation that traditional farms are, and it comes with fewer risks.

Hydroponic farming can utilize land that is deemed unsuitable for regular crop growing.
Hydroponic farming uses less water and is less labor intensive, so running costs are lower
Hydroponic farming is not vulnerable to weather conditions such as storms that can decimate traditional crop yields
Hydroponic farming has a 300% quicker growing cycle than traditionally grown produce
Hydroponic farming has 30% more nutrients than traditional produce
Hydroponic farming yields 1000% more produce from the same amount of land as traditional agriculture

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