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Hydroponic Investment, Long Term Investment, Alternative Investment | PEGASUS AGRICULTURE
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 Food is a solid and secure investment

 The UAE currently imports 90% of its food requirements

Food consumption trend is developing in the GCC as the younger generation is focusing on health products 

 With the rise in global population, there is a need for a sustainable and reliable supply chain of food

The current trend in use of technology boosting domestic produce is developing.

Because of the growing population and the rising price of food, agricultural produce is a growing commodity. Hydroponics is not susceptible to the varied problems traditional farming suffers from, such as bad weather, disease and land shortage, there is less risk than investing in traditional agriculture. Your investment will continue to increase, offering unrivalled returns compared to other similar investments in the food industry.

Since 2007, the FPI (food price index) has risen by over 100%. In the GCC region, food consumption is set to rise to 51.5 million tonnes by 2015, from 40.3 million tonnes in 2010, mainly due to population growth and rises in income. In addition, other factors are pushing up food prices too such as:

Growing use of food crops in bio-fuels that is not only diverting grains (maize and rapeseed) from food, but also taking the agricultural land away from food production

Stagnation in agricultural productivity that is resulting in further tightening of the demand-supply situation

Natural disasters such as droughts in Australia during 2007-09, torrential rains in the Indian sub-continent during 2010 and ban on grain exports by Russia in 2010

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