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Pegasus Agriculture is currently planning hydroponic projects, farming facilities, and manufacturing all over the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). This includes Oman, Qatar, Tunisia, Iraq, Afghanistan, and the U.A.E. Many of these countries suffer from a relative lack of arable land, as well as climates that are unsuitable for agricultural production.

Our company will use vertical hydroponic farming techniques, which allows for a maximum output of high quality produce, at a lower cost than foreign imports. We enter into 100-year land lease agreements with municipalities, governments, and private landowners, in order to construct, operate, and, finally, distribute freshly grown produce throughout the region. Currently, we have 160 hectares-worth of projects planned in the following countries:




Due to the nature of hydroponics, the land we occupy is often not arable and unsuitable for traditional agriculture. However, as we are growing hydroponically within a giant automated and controlled environment, all we require is a supply of water and road access for distribution.

If you feel your land could be used to protect and supply the food security of the GCC, please get in touch with our planning department for more information.

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