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Pegasus Agriculture With a Viable Solution to Meet Middle East’s Water Problems | PEGASUS AGRICULTURE
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DUBAI, November 26, 2014 /PRNewswire/ —

The Hydroponic farming leader of MENA region, Pegasus Agriculture has implemented the technology of soilless farming, to meet the food and water scarcity issues of the world today. The water situation in the Middle East is precarious. Many countries in the Middle East face problems of water shortage due to the semi-arid climate and an increasing demand created by population and economic growth. Middle Eastern countries like the United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Iraq and Saudi Arabia are facing distinctive problems that necessitate instant global attention.

Pegasus Agriculture is supporting MENA region to attain maximum food security and increased fresh water supply, with a production technique which uses 90% less water than traditional agriculture. They grow crops hydroponically without the use of any pesticides or fertilizers which contaminate the ground water. In most of the Middle East Countries, renewable freshwater will barely cover basic human needs within two decades. The Middle East countries have faced many ecological distresses recently; and shortage of freshwater availability is the foremost of them.

Millions of people in this region already lack access to sanitary water; as fresh water resources are becoming increasingly scarce. Agriculture uses 85 percent of water in this region. It is common to misuse land by heavy irrigation in the Middle East. The overuse of water in traditional agriculture is also affecting the countries’ already short water resources.

Pegasus Agriculture adapts latest technologies in organic farming, with an aim to combat land and water shortage and moderates dependence on food imports mainly in the highly urbanized Middle East Countries. The company strives to combat the effects of urban growth, through implementing hydroponic farming methods.

The company has proven that its technology of soilless faming could save the fresh water supply of these countries up to a large extend and save their limited but precious water resources from the harmful effects of traditional agriculture. Pegasus Agriculture offers utmost care to our natural environment, desire to protect it from damaging acts and preserve natural resources. We also assure considerably minor carbon footprint than others in the field.

About Pegasus Agriculture

Pegasus Agriculture is an advanced agricultural firm, with a number of patented hydroponic growing facilities in the MENA region. The company’s farming facilities are capable enough to ensure food security of all GCC nations, by producing high-quality produce year round. Pegasus Agritech exceeds consumer prospects through its supreme guarantee to quality food as well as sustainable cultivation methods using the best environmental friendly practices. Our hydroponic growing methods produce fresh and healthy fruits and vegetables year round, that are healthier for people and the environment. Products from our facilities are checked for quality, alluring consumers with their cleanliness, delivering luscious taste and full of strong nutrition-without any pesticides. We follow only the sustainable growing practices.

Pegasus Agriculture

Source: Pegasus Agriculture

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