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Pegasus Agriculture with Feasible Solutions for MENA Regions’ Food Shortage | PEGASUS AGRICULTURE
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Pegasus Agriculture with Feasible Solutions for MENA Regions’ Food Shortage

DUBAI, UAE, December 9, 2014 /PRNewswire/ —

Food security is a significant concern for governments in the MENA region, which is already heavily dependent on food imports. While agricultural productivity for the region as a whole increased markedly during the 1990s due to modernization efforts with water management, the region still faces a food deficit of 50-90 million tons by 2020. Hydroponics offers some potential to reduce food security risks in the region and almost all the MENA countries are now exploring the potential of soil-free agriculture and vertical farming in order to be self-sufficient in food production by 2023.

Hydroponic farming is in great demand in the GCC, and Pegasus Agritech is a major player in the industry. There is rapid growth in the Global Food Market and it is time for nations to become self-sufficient in their agriculture production. Modern agriculture occupies far more than the 10.6 percent of global land that is arable. In Saudi Arabia, arable land is very limited; therefore, it is highly challenging for it to produce adequate food. Saudi Arabia imports 95% of their fresh fruits and vegetables for which the nation is paying massive premiums, as a consequence burdening its economy.

Most of the MENA countries suffer from a lack of arable land and climate that are unsuitable for the mass production of food. For the countries where natural resources are a question in supporting agricultural growth, commercialization of hydroponic farming is the viable answer. The hydroponic technique is highly sustainable; a onetime infrastructure investment can bring 100 years of returns. The growth of high yield crops means, returns on investments are made quickly. We can confidently assure that hydroponic farming is a win win situation for all, with 80% less water usage and efficient utilization of land. Hydroponics is one of the many choices; but the most sustainable one for a viable and greener agriculture for the MENA region.

About the company

Pegasus Agriculture is the largest owner and operator of hydroponic farming facilities and food investments in the Middle East andNorthern Africa (MENA). The Pegasus Agriculture Team continues to lead the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) in technologically advanced farming techniques and clean and ethical farming practices that produce fresh, healthy fruits and vegetables.

Pegasus Agriculture

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